Fishing in Moscow Region

A special map for fishermen based on a detailed map of Moscow and its surroundings. The map contains comprehensive information about fishing areas, fishing-related stores, necessary equipment for various types of fishing, fishing regulations and much more. The map additionally includes a table with useful addresses and telephone numbers for fishing enthusiasts, as well as fishing calendar.

  • Scale: 
  • Format: Не указан
  • Volume: Не указан
  • ISBN: none


Atlas of Moscow
public transportation

This edition is an ideal companion for visitors and locals. It features all public transportation routes in Moscow and suburbs, maps of regional bus and train routes, downtown map in a big scale with every building and number shown, schemes of all terminals and airports.

  • Scale: 1:36 500, centre: 1:15 000
  • Format: 145x220 mm
  • Volume: 96 pages
  • ISBN: 5-94050-012-9


Auto Atlas of Moscow Ladies Edition
with traffic signs

500 useful addresses
Moscow regional map
Third Transportation Circle with all interchanges
Parking lots for towed away vehicles.

  • Scale: 1:36 500 (centre: 1:19500)
  • Format: 145x220 мм.
  • Volume: 80 pages.
  • ISBN: none


Small Atlas of St-Petersburg
special tourist edition

This special tourist edition in pocket size is the ideal companion for city guests. The atlas contains such useful tourist information about embassies, consulates, hotels, museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition halls in 4 languages: Russian, English, German and French.

  • Scale: 1:9 500
  • Format: 110x195 mm
  • Volume: 96 pages
  • ISBN: 5-94050-004-8