Fun Geography
South America

Fun Geography. South America

Format: 215х270 мм
Volume: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-5-94050-038-4

This series of books is intended for preschool and primary school ages. The books are about our planet — its continents and oceans. The series will become the first geography books for kids and will teach them about the basics of the science. Each book features «Geographical Bingo» game.

This board game is similar to regular bingo, but it is created on the base of the world map. Instead of bingo cards with numbers it has maps of continents. Instead of balls with numbers it has cards with fragments of maps on one side and geographical names on the other. Each book contains a detailed description of the game rules. It is possible to play using only one map from one book, but the game is more fun if you have them all!